Bachelor Business Engineering 2020-21

Year 1 BSc Business Engineering
YearSemester 1Period 1BENC1001 Introduction to Business EngineeringBENC1002 CalculusBENS1001 Academic Skills and Project Management
Period 2BENC1003 Fundamentals of EngineeringBENC1004 Linear Algebra
Period 3BENP1001 Market Research Project 
Semester 2Period 4BENC1005 Economics for Business EngineeringBENC1006 StatisticsBENS1002 Software Skills
Period 5BENC1007 Materials EngineeringBENC1008 Experimentation in Science and Engineering
Period 6BENP1002 Circular Economy Project (Life Cycle Assessment) 
Year 2 BSc Business Engineering
YearSemester 1Period 1BENC2001 Multivariable CalculusElectiveBENS2001 Computer Science Skills
Period 2BENC2002 Process and Product EngineeringElective
Period 3BENP2001 Process and Product Design Project 
Semester 2Period 4BENC2003 Commercialising Science and TechnologyElectiveBENS2002 Laboratory and Research Skills
Period 5BENC2004 Corporate Finance and InvestmentElective
Period 6BENP2002 Research and Development Project 
Year 3 BSc Business Engineering
YearSemester 1Period 1ElectiveElectiveBENS2003 Global Leadership Skills
Period 2ElectiveElective
Period 3BENP2003 Engineering Business in Europe Project 
Semester 2Period 4BENC2013 Ethical and Philosophical ReflectionsElectiveBENP2004 Thesis Research Project
Period 5 
Period 6