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Master Fiscal Economics 2023-2024

Please note: It is no longer possible to enrol for this programme via Studielink because this programme will no longer be offered by Maastricht University as of September 2024.
Current students and students starting in September 2023 will still be able to follow and finish this programme in full.
Courses of the Fiscal Economics master’s programme will continue to be offered until and including academic year 2024-2025 with exam opportunities running until and including 2025-2026.
Year 1 Master Fiscal Economics 2023-2024
YearS1P1TAX4001 Europese en Nederlandse Vennootschapsbelasting
or TAX4010 Comparative Corporate Taxation
EBC4040 Taxation, Financial Decision-making and AccountingEBS4003 Writing a Master's Thesis Proposal: Fiscal Economics
P2TAX4030 International Business TaxationEBC4034 Tax Policy in the International Context
S2P4Economics ElectiveLaw ElectiveMaster's Thesis
or Thesis Internship Programme
P5TAX4019 Responsible International Tax Planning, Compliance and Administration 

Dutch students will be registered for the Dutch course "Europese en Nederlandse Vennootschapsbelasting (TAX4001)" in order to meet NOB requirements.
All non-Dutch students will be registered for "Comparative Corporate Taxation" (TAX4010).

Master's Thesis will be registered by the Education and Exams Office once you have completed the prerequisite skill EBS4003.

For the full text, see Chapter XIV SBE Master’s study programmes from the Master Education and Examination Regulations for academic year 2023-2024.

The Master’s exam for the study programme Master FE is composed of five (5) compulsory courses of 6.5 ECTS credits per course, two (2) elective courses of 6.5 ECTS credits per course, one (1) compulsory skills training of 4.0 ECTS credits, and the Master’s thesis of 10.5 ECTS credits. In order to meet the exam requirements within the available space for elective courses in the Master of Science in the FE programme, students need to choose one (1) elective course from the Law electives list and; one (1) elective course from the Economics electives list as provided in the Study Outline on MySBE Intranet.